Episode 37 - "Love Thy Neighbor"

Jon Aragón is an entrepreneur who specializes in multidisciplinary design and branding. Intriguingly, Jon is also a preacher, which is a rather unconventional combination in my opinion. As a second-generation Colombian-American and as a part of the Afro-Latinx community, Jon’s background allows him to offer a unique perspective when approaching design and problem-solving. Jon’s spiritual identity wholly informs his work as a designer; he sees himself as a servant of Christ and works with the goal and intention of using his talents to assist organizations and individuals to the best of his ability. Jon has named his own design company “Jon Doulos”, with “Doulos” meaning slave or servant in Greek. Jon serves on the teaching and preaching team at his church and mentors young men, empowering them to perceive and pursue their calling. Jon is also the co-founder of Native Supply, a clothing brand whose apparel takes contemporary street style and meshes it with messages relating to one’s devotion to God.

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Saadia Khan