Episode 39 - "I am an American-whatever that means"

We’re coming upon the middle of summer now, and hopefully you’ve been able to spend time with friends and family and to find some time to relax. This summer, to relax, I’ve been reading a ton, and I’m excited to share with you all a new favorite. This week, I’m speaking with Grace Talusan, the author of the memoir The Body Papers. Grace is a professor at Tufts University in Boston, and the Body Papers is her first book. In 2017, the yet unpublished manuscript of the Body Papers won the 2017 Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing. It has been incredibly well received and has been written up by such publications as the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and Nylon Magazine. Grace’s story is one about overcoming abuse and trauma and coming to terms with her immigrant and Filipino-American identity. She carefully and intentionally navigates topics that are often set aside into the realm of the unspoken, and creates a space where more stories like hers can be shared.

Saadia Khan