Episode 43 - "We Have Been Vilified For So Long"

If you’ve been even in the near proximity to a television, computer, or phone in the last couple of weeks, you’ve no doubt gotten wind of our president’s most recent tirade against the other. In a series of tweets, President Trump called out four freshman congresswomen, all of whom are women of color, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ayanna Presley, and Ilhan Omar, telling them to “go back” “to the places they came from.” To be clear, all four of these women are American. Three of the Four of these women were born in the United States, while the fourth, Ilhan Omar, is a naturalized citizen born in Somalia. In the following days, Trump has doubled down on his comments, saying that Representative Omar is “lucky to be where she is”.

Today we address some of these issues with our guest Rowaida Abdelaziz. She is a NYC based reporter at HuffPost where she focuses on Islamophobia and social justices issues within the Muslim community.

Saadia Khan